Number One Songs
Peter, James & John / Gold City
When I Knelt / The Greenes
Midnight Cry / Gold City
Stand Up / The Kingsmen
Let’s Have a Revival / The Hemphills
Can He, Could He, Would He / The Cathedrals
When I Get Carried Away / Gold City
When He Was On The Cross / The Florida Boys
Meet Me At The Table / The Kingsmen “
Who But God / Gold City
How Deep Is The Water / Gold City
John Saw / Gold City
It Wasn’t Rainin'” / The Hemphills
I Think I’ll Read It Again / Gold City
Saints Will Rise / The Kingsmen
Hold On / Canton Junction
Top 5 Songs
By Your Grace, For Your Glory / Gold City
When Mama Prayed / The Kingsmen
Champion of Love / The Cathedrals
Jesus Built This Church On Love / The Hemphills
This Ole House / The Cathedrals
Blood Washed Band / The Cathedrals
Good Ole Boys / Dixie Melody Boys
 Lord Of Life / Gold City
 I Get Down / Gold City