Jan Puryear began her radio promotion career at The Benson Company in Nashville working with the legendary HeartWarming and RiverSong Labels.  She worked with industry greats such as The Kingsmen, GoldCity, The Hemphills, and The Cathedrals.  During that time, promoted many songs to #1 including “Saints Will Rise” by the Kingsmen, “It Wasn’t Rainin’” by the Hemphills, “Can He, Could He, Would He” by the Cathedrals and the well-known standard “Midnight Cry” by Gold City.  While serving there as Director of Radio, she was the Executive Producer for the contemporary Christian video “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” which showcased award-winning artists, Larnelle Harris, and Sandi Patty. She went briefly to Word Records where she promoted the Florida Boys to #1 with “When He Was On The Cross.”   While there, she also helped produce a Video for Lulu Roman called “Shopping List,” and helped released Glen Campbell’s first product with the label, “No More Night.”   In the early days of Christian Country Music, she helped many new artists find their niche in that market with her independent company, Three Point Promotions.  There, she broke new artists onto the scene and helped promote established artists to the top.  During that time, she worked with Alison Krauss, and the Cox Family, Susie Luchsinger, Ken Holloway,  Wilcox and Pardoe, Paula McCalla, Jeff Silvey, and Kathy Yoder Treat having #1 songs on each of those artists.  She also promoted  and charted a secular release from Garth Brooks who was the top Country artist of the time, call “Unanswered Prayers.” In the past few years, Jan has concentrated on helping new artists get their careers going while still promoting time-honored groups like Gold City Quartet.  Jan resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband of 25 years, Dove Award-winning songwriter, Michael Puryear.  They have three boys.